H22a4 obd1 conversion

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Swap the injectors for the OBD I H22A1 injectors, and swap your intake manifold from your old engine. 93 H22a into 97 accord. read this before installing/using! these products may be used solely on . It is largely derived from the Honda F engine with which it shares many design features. Sep 11, 2014 Converting your OBD2 ignition distributor to OBD1 operation for the purpose of your Honda engine swap is often the only way to really reach your goals. The Honda H engine was Honda's Larger high-performance engine family from the 1990s and early 2000s. Reasons to do this include: the ability to change base timing (as you should know, on OBD2 H22's, ignition timing is all ecu based and the distributor cannot be adjusted) and the Jul 7, 2011 I wanted to ask, what do i need to convert my 2000 prelude to an obd1 ecu? (besides the ecu and harness of course) I hear from some people that i have to change the distributor, and the injectors to make it work, But outher people say "no just plug in the ecu and start it up" which is it? If you have done this Jul 19, 2014 Obd1 dizzy swap. You must get an obd1 ecu, obd1 injectors and obd1 distributor. com/product-p/dis-prelude-2-1. harness from rywire. Compatible with years 97-01, Base and SH. . Sep 5, 2012 get an OBD1 Si Vtec harness and swap your ECU for the USDM P13 or a Chipped P28. OBD2 USDM Prelude to OBD1 Distributor Adapter - Rywire www. Get your favorite obd2-obd1 conversion harness, skunk2, hondata, etc. But it can also be Jun 1, 2015 If you own a 1990-1993 Honda Accord and want to a build a CB7 H22 swap on a budget, check our How To Guide on the popular H22 swap. Move the crank angle sensor wires from OEM H22a4 Lower Timing Belt Cover - New - Brand new, genuine OEM Honda H22a4 lower timing belt cover. Please select your OLD Distributors coil type below, Internal or External. part number extended description stop! these products have legal restrictions. rywire. Jan 28, 2003 obd2 engine in a obd1 car ex. Like Honda's other 4-cylinder families of the 80s and 90s, It has also enjoyed some success as a racing engine, forming the Apr 12, 2008 this is an article on how to convert your OBDII USDM H22a4 to be able to use an OBD1 USDM H22a1 or H23a1 Distributor. The benefits of a chipped OBDI ECU far outweigh the issues you may have to wade through to see your Honda swap project to the end. obd1 engine into obd2 car (5 Spd Only) ex. 97+ H22a4 into 90-95 accord. htmThis distributor adapter will convert your 1996 & up Prelude Distributor and crank sensor plugs to match a 1992-1995 OBD1 Distributor. Makes it pretty much plug and play